Google announced the launch of its new browser called chrome. It will be launched in US on tuesday, thats end of the day today.

Glimps of the product was released via comic (which I think is a nice way to communicate).
BTW this comic was created by Scott McCloud of classic Understanding Comics fame.

Product Homepage: (speculated)
UPDATE: Insider information says product homepage will be once released

Will this browser kill Firefox: Not possible
Will this browser kill IE: Might not, thats the default browser in the most popular and “default” OS
Will this browser kill opera etc: Time will tell.
Let’s wait and watch how good/bad is this new browser.

0 thoughts on “CHROME : Google’s new open source browser to be released today

  1. It’s very likely that Chrome will make a lot of people switch from IE despite it being the “default” Browser on the “Default” OS (provided it’s good enough).. As for Firefox.. I’m sure it’s here to stay.. 🙂

  2. 2-hours of browsing and I have already made up my mind – it’ll be me default browser for sometime now.

    The play with the new tab feature is something I found very interesting. The minimal design and neat look definitely gives it a professional look. It loads fast :).

    Let us know abt your experience.


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