Infosec Evangelist
A well known evangelist and cyber intelligence professional. Worked with various Govt., Military and Corporates around the globe.

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Spoken at various Indian and International conferences. Educates 100s of parents each month on child sex abuse online.

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Founder of Infosec community (ClubHack), IT Pro Community (ClubSysAdmin) and Cyber Security company (Junco Technologies).

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ClubHack is an initiative to bring security awareness in common people who use computers and internet in their daily life.


Kautilya is an established and professionally managed business group. Kautilya has a vision to provide world-class integrated management solutions to several facets of enterprises in the Private and Non-Government sectors..

ClubHack Magazine

CHMag is India's First Digital Security Magazine which covers every aspect into information security. Rohit is founder member of magazine.


is a community of network admins, system admins and the cloud admins. The idea is to share knowledge and have a network of friends in this domain.