CHROME : Google’s new open source browser to be released today

Google announced the launch of its new browser called chrome. It will be launched in US on tuesday, thats end of the day today.Glimps of the product was released via comic (which I think is a nice way to communicate).BTW this comic was created by Scott McCloud of classic Understanding Comics fame.Comic: Blog: Homepage:

How to host a static website on Google AppEngine

Here's a quick HOWTO on setting up your static website on Google AppEngine.I promise to keep it very simple and easy to understand for my non-geeky friendsRegistering an application:Firstly register an application on Google AppEngine. It doesn’t matter what you call it, for this HOWTO lets name it mysamplesite.You’ll need a regular gmail account to do this, hope you already have that (if not shame on you ;)).Creating a local site and configuration file:Cre

Fun with Google spreadsheet

Many of you might have used Google docs and spreadsheet, but have you ever tried this "magic" trick ;)Ok, open up a spreadsheet and enter "Google" in the top left cell, and enter "Yahoo" in the cell below. Now select both the cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards over the other cells. See the fun when you release the key/mouseA sample screenshotYou can try any combinations and have funTry com

Force Gmail to Always Use Secure Connection

On 24th July 2008, Google rolled out an option which you can use to force your communication with Gmail server over secure channel (read HTTPS).If you go to the Settings and select "always use https", Gmail will automatically redirect to the secure version. Until now, you had to manually type in the address bar or bookmark the address.As per Google"If you sign in to Gmail via a non-secure Internet connection, like a publicwireless

Watch who is accessing your Gmail account

New feature from google allows you to monitor and control login activity. Now you can see from where all you (or someone else) logged in and which IPs are online at this moment You migh have accessed gmail from a cybercafe or a public internet terminal and forgot to log out. Now you can do a remote logout also.“With this information, I can quickly verify that all the Gmail activity was indeed mine,” a Gmail developer at the official Gmail blog writes.UPDAT

Phishing using Google Calendar

Few days ago an interesting attempt to phish for Google account credentials made it to my friend's inbox. As you may know, phishing emails are sent out by abusers to make the recipient in some way reply with their password or click through to enter their password, but the more official looking they are, the more easily they’re believed. This particular mail, shown in the screenshot, had the following attributes:It was sent by “customer care”. OK, could be

Orkut is now faster and lighter

Google is working hard to make its sites available even to people on low bandwidth. Last they worked upon gmail & now its time for orkut.They have reworked on the code so that if the pages are taking time to load, user will get a prompt to switch over to low-bandwidth version of the same.Good to see the initiative, at times I'm sitting idle at airport on low speed data card connections. Thats the best time to contact friends on orkut and now it will be