I came to Delhi 2 weeks back. Wanted to write a lot but not getting enough time.
Actually not getting enough time to write a blog post, twittering is still on at full speed (@rohit11)

Lets divide the post into sections
Freak, Don’t even talk about that. I have spent my 3 years in Meerut which is some 70km from here. Have tasted this north Indian winter, but in last 6+ years Pune weather has pampered me and now this is feeling at extreme. What Delhi winter (or north Indian winter) is like
# Tip of your nose will be chilled like anything
# Toes will be cold even after they are locked in shoes for hours together
# Hands will be cold even inside gloves. Best option is sit on them to keep them warm.
# You’ll be wearing those “body warmers”. Till now I used to see them TV commercials only, but now I bought them too.
# One quilt/blanket is never sufficient

# Your morning/late evening flights will be delayed
# Your not so late evening flights will also be delayed(ref: my trip to Ahmedabad)
# Driving with parking indicator on
# Special fog lamps on cars, and in some cases yellow cellophane sheets on the car headlamp 😉

# Delhi metro is nothing different from Mumbai’s local. Just this one has AC 😉
# Same kind of rushing/pushing/struggling crowd
# The only good is that the doors get closed
# On Rajiv Chowk (CP), there are barriers and security officials to assist you to board the train.
# If too much crowded, then they will assist the door closer too by pushing passengers inside and for the automatic doors to close, that was a funny scene

# Delhi is a place for foody like me 😉
# Don’t bother about the dripping butter on our paratha
# Delhi-cious food, no doubt
# Wonderful non-veg, ultimate cooks live in North India only
# Yummy road side snacks
# Don’t miss “Thank God Its Friday” @ CP

# Is more green than last time I saw it
# Infrastructure is developing very fast, some people thank commonwealth games for it.
# Metro (as discussed) is a wonderful public transport, very decent & serious service
# Roads are very nice & wide, atleast as compared to Pune
# Houses, (metro syndrome) less space and people have tuned to live with it.
# Cars, not even a single one is without a scratch or a dent, not even a new one. Some people put small dent as soon as they buy a new car. some kind of shagun (lucky charm). I have seen this myself.
# Pollution, yes it is there, more of suspended particle than smoke. City full of dust.

That’s enough about Delhi now, I might post a few updates in this series, not very sure though 😉

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