Its been reported that some of the Olympic opening ceremoney fireworks were faked.
China is accused of faking it!!!! Why am I not surprised?????


If you watched the Opening Ceremony on Friday night, chances are you said
something like, “no way that’s possible” at least once. It turns out you were
The faked fireworks were actually set-off at the stadium, but because of
potential dangers in filming the display live from a helicopter, viewers at home
were shown a pre-recorded, computer-generated shot. It sounds dishonest, but I’m
not sure it’s such a terrible thing.

The dupe was revealed by China’s Beijing Times. Speaking to the paper, the
man responsible for the animation said he was pleased with the result.
“Seeing how it worked out, it was still a bit too bright compared to
the actual fireworks,” Gao Xiaolong told the newspaper.
“But most of the audience thought it was filmed live – so that was mission accomplished.”

Now something more interesting, there was a BLUE-SCREEN-OF-DEATH popularly known as BSOD.

This was at the moment when Li Ning was rounding the lip of the Bird’s Nest during the amazing torch-lighting climax.
Even I noticed it on my television screen 😉


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  1. One cannot say that the firework at the big event were fake one unless and until one has seen from eyes and heard from own ears…….

    Media and people always try to make some thing fussy about China without any real experiences 🙂

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