I was thinking of writing a blog on the first B’day of PuneTech and tried some online tricks

Google: “PuneTech is…”

# PuneTech is a free, non-commercial website run by volunteers to disseminate information about information technology and software engineering in Pune.

# punetech is of course a great service

# PuneTech is a service co-ordinated by the people who run punetech.com

# Punetech is worth USD $8 Million in #pulling-a-leg-or-then-maybe-not

# PuneTech is managed by Navin Kabra.

# PuneTech is a non-commercial site that collects information about all interesting technology in Pune. PuneTech makes no profits on PuneTech merchandise.

# PuneTech is a non-commercial, by the community, for the community site.

# punetech is using Twitter

# PuneTech is a community portal exclusively focused on the innovative IT companies and startups in Pune.

# Punetech is a blog started by highly experienced fellow technology enthu, Navin Kabra and he is being supported by excellent team like Amit Paranjape, Manas and others

And once upon a time I twitted the
# @punetech is a boon to Pune tech community. A real good source for all the geeks info. @ngkabra I’m missing such a good stuff in Delhi man. (twit)

Happy Bday PuneTech, its indeed a Boon.

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