As we all remember, Google generally have something or the other for April fools day.
I was waiting to see the one for 2008 but what I noticed that this time its not 1 or 2 jokes.

Here is the list of jokes for April 2008

Gmail: Custom time
Google Calendar: Google Wake Up Kit
Gtalk: Goes green
Google Virgle
Google China: Human Search Engine
Google search DAJARE
Google Docs
Start or open an existing google doc. Select the file menu and you should see the option for “New Airplane” under “New Document”.
Google book search

That’s all for now, will update with more as I find them (if there are more 😉)

Google gDay™ with MATE™
XKCD / qwantz / questionablecontent & &
is now yogurt 😉
Google Adsense
Google Calendar
In Google Calendar today, when adding a new event, an extra button labelled “I’m Feeling Lucky” appears. When clicked, it adds a random event at a random date/time on the screen with such descriptions like “Date with Anna Kournikova” or “Date with Angelina Jolie”.

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