When I saw few images of fancy laser keyboards online & the flexible keyboard in “Die Hard 4.0” and Yahoo! store online, I made up my mind to get my hands on the same.

My friend Rohas Nagpal brought me the same on his recent trip to Singapore & I had a nice time playing around with them.


The flexible keyboard as seen in “Die Hard 4.0”
# Its a nice rubber keyboard which can be rolled up and stored in very less space

# Space between keys is little more which makes it little difficult to type fast

# The keyboard comes with a USB connector & a complimentary PS/2 converter for desktop users
# To get the feel of typing people need essential push back feel from the keys. This keyboard gives you that feeling.

# Good to use for fun & in emergency (as in the movie)
# Not a good thing for a general use, not comfortable at all.

The virtual keyboard
# Wow it looks cool!

# for me it didn’t worked with b stack of XP SP2. Didn’t paired at all
# Tried orchid bluetooth with Bluesoleil, it paired but didn’t worked as expected. I pressed ALT+TAB & my system went for a toss, it got into infinite loop of TAB & control kept moving away from buttons, windows, forms, start button etc. Even after plugging out bluetooth dongle & turning off the VKB. Had a very hard time trying rebooting my PC. Finally after a reboot things got settled.
# The laser glow is not at all ergonomic, the glow & reflection hurts your eyes very soon
# You have to have a plain non-reflective surface for this to work
# Its fun to beam the keyboard on weird surfaces & see patterns
# The essential push back feel is not there
# You end up hitting the surface by your fingertips, not ergonomic again.


Both the keyboards
Good to see, good to showoff,. But not for use for more than 15 minutes

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