Casual browsing took me to a page where the page auther has claimed he know top 50 adsense keywords most of them are from “Loan Consolidation”

Looking the list & the kind of compilation I don’t think it has any practicle value associated with it

The list has few duplications with different CPC value of the same
orlando culinary institute $46.84
orlando culinary institute $46.69
orlando culinary institute $46.51

This shows how trustworthy it is

Can you imagine this guy has actually done so much of hard work (pun intended) to crack google’s secret & given you the top paying list

Small sample from his site

Adword & its Average CPC
school loan consolidation $69.16
college loan consolidation $68.35
car insurance quotes $66.88
school consolidation $66.29
auto insurance quotes $65.90
college consolidation $64.04
student loan consolidation rates $60.14
sell structured settlement $59.82
sell annuity $58.92
federal student loan consolidation $58.58

theproguy: Most expensive adwords – ‘Loan consolidation’ clear winner

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