Rohit SSrivastwa 10th Microsoft MVP award

Super excited to be awarded by Microsoft for the 10th time in a row as Most Valuable Professional in the domain of “Enterprise Security” under the named award category of “Cloud and Datacenter Management”. A decade is a good thing, right 🙂

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Rohit Srivastwa

For the sake of clarity,

  • It’s awarded for non-commercial community contributions, commercially benefiting contributions are not counted
  • It doesn’t have to be saying good about Microsoft only, they are pretty open in that way
  • This does require signing an NDA with Microsoft and which means that MVPs are privy to some information before they are made public
  • There is no monetary benefit from the Microsoft side in this award, yes a bunch of freebies for sure including my favorite Azure credits and few licenses for personal use

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