You all know my passion behind ClubHack. It started with a passion of creating a platform for information security enthusiast to come under one roof & share knowledge.

While this was my passion I had a dream too. My dream was to have the international fame information security guru Bruce Schneier as a guest in my event. In this 4th year of ClubHack, the Keynote address was delivered by my idol.
Bruce Schneier delivering his keynote address @ ClubHack2010
Yeah I was excited as well as proud to have him here in ClubHack2010. It was indeed a dream come true for me. We welcomed him in a traditional way by tying a pheta on his head and he loved it too

That’s Bruce Schneier in Indian Pagri

He also brought me his latest book “Schneier on security” with his typical autograph which is a tiny crypt in itself.

Book “Schneier on Security” & typical autograph of Bruce Schneier
If your read it correctly it reads as “ENJOYTHEBOOK” if you read from top left corner going one character down and then following the string. Pretty Cool.
Finally I met my guru Dronacharya & I’m on my cloud number 9 for that 🙂

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