On the brighter side 🙂
# Shifted to Delhi from Pune.
# Bought another car.
# Worked for Commonwealth Games 2010.
# Finally got married to Stuti.
# Went to Puri & then Nainital for honeymoon.
# Delivered talks/lectures in IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Madras.
# Tajmahal & Delhi tourism with Stuti along with few more places in north.
# Decided to quit Commonwealth Games 2010.
# Organized ClubHack2009.
# Organized Indo-UK cyber security roundtable conference in ClubHack2009.
# Did wardriving in Pune again
# Worked for some serious national security projects.
# & right now baking a cake for the new year 🙂

On the down side 🙁
# No bike rides this year. Need to get back there.
# No more girlfriends, those were the days…
# Very less parties, need to party more
# Didn’t organized even a single BarCamp, just attended one.

In total a very happening year. Hope to have 2010 a better one

Wish you all the readers a very happy & prosperous new year.

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