Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy

Nobody would belive that I went to see a Marathi play. But yes I did on 10th of feb. It was “Me Nathuram Godse boltoy”.

A person like me who can understand only common flowing marathi spoken in day to day life (that too ~80%) did enjoyed the play like anything

The guy “Sharad Ponkshe” was great. I really liked his act & style of presentation.

Albeit I was able to graps only 70% of the language / words but when you ask me to say words for the play I have only one: “Superb”

A must see play if u haven’t seen one yet, I wish if they can make one in Hindi also for common people to understand.

Its not about what gandhi did & why he was killed, but it was a person called “Nathuram Godse”

he was a common Gandhi lover man, he had something in mind & he did what he felt good. I really loved the peronality of Nathu as shown in the play.

A cool guy with no fear in mind even from death
The way he lived after doing the “WADH” not “KHOON” of Gandhi till his DDay was really wonderfully played by Sharad.

Thanks to my Marathi friend here to take me to the play.

A must see if you can understand even a little bit of Marathi.

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  1. even i saw that play…it was superb… we get to know other side of Gandhi and Nehru…
    which was obviously wrong…

    we never thought about sindhu river and its valley which could have bring us more prosperity…and those 55 crs.

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